Lost Dimension has now launched in North America. If you pick the game up, be sure to download the 20$ worth of free DLC, the free content is only available for two weeks after launch. The free DLC set includes the following items 12 PlayStation Network avatars, map set with extra story, three additional quests and nine character costumes.

If you live in Europe and want to pick the game up, you can do so on August 28th, the game will be available in both digital and physical formats. I also want to add that I’ll be reviewing the game after I complete it, so look forward to the full review.

About Lost Dimension

To subdue the threat The End poses to the entire planet, several countries create a special forces group called S.E.A.L.E.D., which is comprised of eleven psychics with superhuman abilities. Each soldier has their own talents and skillsets to use in combat, which can be expanded after gaining enough experience in the field. Bonds of friendship will form amongst the members of S.E.A.L.E.D., but be mindful of which allies to keep close, as The End mandates the player must begin eliminating teammates. Make sure to accuse the right teammate of being a traitor though – once the final battle with The End begins any remaining traitors will fight the main character alongside him.


    • Yeah, I’m still working on Lost Dimension, it’s pretty fun and the combat reminds me of valkyria chronicles. I believe the DLC was only free for the first two weeks of release, I’m glad I jumped on it and downloaded it 🙂

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