Fairy Fencer F is now officially available as a digital download via Steam on the PC. The biggest difference between the PS3 version and the PC version, is the fact that the PC version does 1080P! Idea Factory provided me with a review code for the game, and so far the performance has been amazing! I have only seen the FPS dip down to 54 when I enter a dungeon, and that minor slow down lasts only a mere 2-3 seconds then goes back to 60 FPS the whole time. I’ll have more performance details in my full review. If you’re interested in Fairy Fencer F, I suggest you pick it up soon since for the first week the game will be priced at $14.99.

About Fairy Fencer F

Long ago, a war was waged between the Vile God and the Goddess. Both forces were equally matched, and sealed each other into another world using a special weapon imbued with their powers. And so, time passed.

The weapons that the Goddess and the Vile God left were called “Furies,” and those who used them were called “Fencers.” Furies were rumored to grant any wish to those who collected them all, and because of those rumors, Fencers were constantly in battle against each other to collect the Furies.

By chance, a young man named Fang came to save a girl named Tiara, who turned out to be a Fencer. From that day forward, Fang found himself an important part of the battle between the Vile God and the Goddess.

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