Okay, so I just played Danganronpa Another Episode for an hour, and I was honestly blown away! Anyone that’s already familiar with the visual novel series, knows that the Danganronpa games have amazing stories, and the way the games present the story to the player, is unparalleled among all other visual novels out there. The game features 3 difficulty levels. You can choose from Genocide Mode, Komaru Mode and Despair mode, which is the hardest difficulty available. After starting the game, you will be introduced to the games main protagonist “Komaru Naegi” The game uses beautifully animated cut scenes to explain how Komaru was imprisoned. It doesn’t take very long for Monokuma to come knocking on her door, and soon afterwards, all hell breaks loose, and you have to run away from Monokuma and find safety. You will eventually run into Byakuya Togami and a few other future foundation members. Fans of the series will remember him from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, as the Ultimate Affluent Progeny. Byakuya takes the time to explain the situation to the fear stricken Korumu, and hands her a weapon to use against the invading Monokumas. The game will throw several short and to the point tutorials at you, so you can understand exactly how to use the weapon given to you. You have several truth bullets at your disposal, and each one has its use. During the games prologue, you will meet the Warriors of Hope, each one introduces themselves, and you will notice pretty quickly that they are absolutely insane! I will have more on the Warriors of Hope in my full review.


So far I haven’t encountered any issues with the games performance on the Vita, the frame rate has been pretty stable so far, though I did notice the frame rate dip a few times, but overall nothing game breaking. The animated cut scenes are absolutely gorgeous, it’s like watching a really good anime. Also, all the voice acting I have heard so far, is superb! Every character I have encountered sounds great. After playing the game for just an hour, I came away truly impressed, mostly due to the way the story is presented to the player, it just does a wonderful job at engaging you and keeping you interested in what’s happening. Overall I have no complaints after my first hour with the game that can change though, one hour isn’t a lot of time, but if the game maintains the level of story telling that I experienced in my first hour, well it may just be the best Danganronpa game yet! Stay tuned for my full review, I’ll have it out after I finish the game.

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