Hey everyone! I’m back again with another review. Today I will be reviewing Amnesia: Memories. I want to thank Idea Factory International for providing me with a review code for the game.

I have been looking forward to Amnesia: Memories for a while now since North America doesn’t get much visual novel love. The version of the game that I played was the steam edition of Amnesia: Memories. The game itself runs great, I never once experienced a crash while playing Amnesia: Memories, and I’m happy to say that this game will run on virtually any computer you install it on. My gaming rig specs are as follows Intel Core i5 4690k overclocked to 4.6 Ghz, Nvidia GTX 970, 16 gigs of Kingston HyperX Fury ram at 1866 MHz and everything is cooled by the Corsair H75 liquid cooler. First I would like to state that my gaming rig is overkill for Amnesia: Memories, you can run the game with little to no problems simply on integrated graphics. I actually removed my graphics card and ran the game on the integrated graphics on my Intel core i5 4690k which uses the Intel 4600 graphics, obviously nowhere near high end, but it handled Amnesia: Memories without any issues coming up, and most importantly, the game never once crashed while using integrated graphics, so if you have a budget PC or a low end laptop, you should be able to handle the game with absolutely no problems.

The fact that the game can run on just about any PC out there is great, it really lowers the barrier of entry and gives visual novel fans a chance to enjoy the game on their computers. I also want to point out that Amnesia: Memories is also available for purchase on the PlayStation Vita. The Vita version is a great choice for anyone that’s constantly on the go. For people who enjoy gaming on their Android and iOS devices, you will be happy to know that you can purchase Amnesia: Memories on both platforms! The game retails for $22.99 on the Google Play Store.

Amnesia_ Memories 8_18_2015 8_59_15 PM

The story startsΒ with you waking up and meeting Orion. The character you play as has lost her memories and Orion makes it clear that you must try and regain those lost Memories. Soon after meeting Orion, you will be prompted to create your characters name, I spent a good ten minutes trying to decide on a name, I finally went with “Yukiko” since I love the Persona series, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not very good at creating names. Anyway Orion will let you pick from a list of 4 different worlds. I wasn’t too sure on which one to start with, I was debating whether to go with Heart or Diamond, but I finally settled with Diamond. When you jump into Diamond world, you will meet Toma since the character you play as, has lost her memories, she obviously doesn’t know who Toma is. After you meet Toma, he right away points out that you hit your head, and that he is taking you to the Hospital right away, and from there you continue your journey in Amnesia: Memories. I won’t talk more in-depth about the games story since it’s easy to spoil, and I personally don’t like spoiling a game for anyone, especially when it’s a visual novel. The story in Amnesia: Memories is actually pretty good, though it’s far from the best visual novel I played, but overall I’m happy that North American fans got a new visual novel to enjoy, and I have no problem recommending this game to anyone who enjoys visual novels.

Amnesia_ Memories 9_6_2015 10_13_00 PM

Amnesia: Memories supports both Mouse and Keyboard for direct control, or you can opt to use an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller and of course you can use third party controllers with the game, they all work just fine. I started the game with my Xbox one controller and it worked perfectly, but I opted to switch to my gaming mouse instead since it feels better for controlling visual novel type games. I loved the fact that I could easily save my game progress whenever I wanted! Seriously, it’s an awesome little feature and I feel that every game should allow you to save no matter what point in the game you’re currently on. For example, let’s say you only have 15-20 minutes to enjoy the game, well at any time you can pull up a menu which shows you a few different options, and you can go ahead and click on “Save Game” that’s it, it’s that simple! So no need to worry about losing game progress when you have to stop playing.

The visual art style in Amnesia: Memories is simply put, gorgeous! Every scene in the game is designed with perfection, and it’s honestly one of the nicest looking visual novels that I have played so far, so I have to give them two thumbs up on the visual department, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Okay, so in closing Amnesia: Memories isn’t going to appeal and satisfy everyone that much is for sure. Some people may find it weird playing as a female, I honestly didn’t mind and I enjoyed my experience with the game, but I do feel like it was lacking something, and I really can’t put my finger one it. If you’re a big fan of visual novel games, and you have been waiting patiently for a high quality, well done and perfectly optimized game, well look no farther than Amnesia: Memories. I give Amnesia: Memories an 8.0/10


  1. Awesome! I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the game πŸ™‚ Amnesia was a good break from all the action based games I was playing, hopefully Europe and North America get more visual novels in the near future!


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