I’m back again with another review! I have been playing Disgaea 5 for awhile now, so it’s time for my review. I would like to thank NIS America for providing me a review code for Disgaea 5 on the PlayStation 4.

I have been a fan of turn based strategy Role Playing games for years now, it’s a genre I really enjoy! Throughout the years I have yet to find a turn based strategy games as complex as the Disgaea series, if you have played any of the previous games, you already know exactly how in-depth they can be. Players that are new to strategy games may find it a little daunting at first, but you do get better the longer you play them, and Disgaea 5 has great tutorials in place to help new players get the hang of things.


The protagonist in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is Killia and he is joined by Seraphina, one of my favorite characters in the game! The game starts with Seraphina, she has her forces taking on a huge group of demons, in the middle of the battlefield Killia sits down and starts eating, he simply has no care in the world.

After Killia finished with his food, he takes every demon down by himself, with no help from anyone, yeah Killia is a powerhouse. Seraphina is impressed by his show of strength and insists on joining him. Throughout the store in Disgaea 5, you will come across several different characters, a few of which end up joining your party.

Each character that ends up joining your party has a deep hatred for Void Dark, and of course they all have their own motivations for wanting him dead. I don’t want to talk about the story too much, it’s easy to spoil, but I can say that I enjoyed playing it, it wasn’t the best story, but it was enjoyable and it’s worth playing for any Disgaea fan out there.


If you are a long time fan of the Disgaea series, chances are that you will know exactly how to navigate the game. Disgaea 5 has a hub where players can do various things ranging from buying items, purchasing weapons, upgrading weapons, healing your party and more. When I finished downloading Disgaea 5 and booted the game up, I was impressed with the visual fidelity, the character models and environments are colorful and vibrant, the colors really pop and overall the game just looks flat out gorgeous, I really didn’t think the 2D sprites could get any better.

The combat in Disgaea 5 is almost identical to previous entries in the series. You summon your party members while in battle, you decide how many spaces to move individual characters and you give them the order to defend, cast a spell or do a normal attack. After getting each member of your party set up for an attack, you have to initiate it, afterwards each members attack will take place. If you have a character in close proximity to another on your team, they can initiate a team attack which deals massive amounts of damage, these are very important in being successful in battle

Disgaea 5 does add a few new features to the combat engine, one of them being the ability to use overload. Each of the main character gets their own unique overload ability, Seraphina has one named  Balor Gaze, her special ability can turn the enemy force against each other, due note that this ability doesn’t last very long, so you should find the best time to use it.

The overall length of the game is great, I was able to complete the main story in around 25 hours, but I actually spent much more time on the game, I spent a great portion of time just grinding and leveling up my characters, this isn’t required, but it’s fun just leveling up characters and becoming stronger.


Disgaea 5 retails for $59.99 and it’s worth every penny! The game expands and adds new features to the combat, thus adding more depth to the game and making it a joy to play. The in-game menus are slick and modern looking, it just screams quality. If you have played any Disgaea game in the past and enjoyed it, I highly recommend you go and purchase Disgaea 5, the comedy and excellent game play improvements makes this the best game in the series. I give Disgaea 5 a 8.5/10


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