So, I have been playing Tales of Zestiria on Steam for several days now and I’m currently working on a review for it. Tales of Zestiria launched on Steam a day early before it’s stated release date of October 20th. So far, I have been enjoying the game, the combat system is fun, and reminds me of the combat engine used in Tales of Graces F. The first two hours of the game are dull in my personal opinion, but the pace does start picking up soon afterwards.


The overall performance of the PC port is good, I have had no complications with trying to run the game, no crashes or serious game breaking bugs. I actually purchased an LG 29UM67. The reason for my monitor purchase was specifically to play Tales of Zestiria, I wanted to experience the game in a 21:9 aspect ratio. Tales of Zestiria does have the option for 2560×1080 ultra-wide, the thing is, it just stretches the image, it looks awkward. If you own a 21:9 monitor, go over to this link and apply the fix Tales of Zestiria 21:9 Fix.

Aside from the game not having native 21:9 support, the game looks and plays great! I have put 6 hours into the game so far, and it’s been enjoyable. I’ll have more on Tales of Zestiria in my full review, for now I’ll leave a few in-game screenshots I took.


    • Thanks, man. Yeah, for the most part reviews have been positive. I remember reading a few reviews when the game launched in Japan, most of them were negative, thankfully my experience with the game has generally been good! I’m really enjoying the enhanced graphics and the 21:9 aspect ratio, makes the game much more immersive.

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