Konami has just recently announced that it will be releasing Yugi’s Legendary Decks on November 13th. The collector’s set includes three iconic decks used by Yugi in the anime. Included in the set are several collectible foil cards, all in one gold foil-stamped box. This collector’s set is a must for any fans of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime.


This set is great for anyone that wants to experience the classic moments of Yu-Gi-Oh! Again. The cards included within the set are as follows- Black Luster Soldier, all five pieces of Exodia, The Forbidden One all of which are Ultra Rare, Valkyrion the Magna Warrior and a special Arkana-style Dark Magician. Every box set includes three different 41-card decks. The first deck is based off of Yugi’s first deck in the anime, this is the deck he used to duel Kaiba for the first time.

The second deck is inspired by Yugi’s duels in the Battle City story arc, which in my opinion is the best arc in the original series. The third and final deck included in this epic box set is the deck Yugi used to duel the Pharaoh.

Additionally Yugi’s Legendary Decks includes three new Secret Rare cards: Electromagnetic TurtleDark Renewal and Black Illusion; three Ultra Rare collectible (Non-Playable) historical cards which celebrate the Duelist Kingdom storyline, including Glory of the King’s HandSet Sail for The Kingdom and the Duelist Kingdom itself. You can also enjoy the three (Non-Playable) Egyptian God Cards: Slifer The Sky DragonObelisk the Tormentor and The Winged Dragon of Ra. Konami has also includes one Ultra Rare “Yugi” Token to the set.

If you decide to purchase Yugi’s Legendary Decks, it will set you back $29.99 which seems like a fair price given everything that’s included in this amazing collector’s set.

Yugi_Deck_Box-Mock_EN (1)


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