I’ve been playing Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires on my PlayStation Vita for a while now, so it’s time to review it! First off, I want to thank Koei Tecmo for providing me with a copy of Dynasty Warriors 8 for review.

I’ve spent close to 50 hours on Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires so far and my experience has been largely positive! When you first boot the game up on the Vita you’ll be greeted with several different game modes to choose from. The available modes are as follows: Empire Mode, Free Mode, Edit Mode and Online Play.


After I looked over the game modes available, I decided to hop into Empire Mode first. Empire mode allows you to pick a warrior from the games huge roster of characters and I’m not joking when I say huge, there’s over 800 different characters to choose from, which is staggering!

After selecting your warrior, the real fun begins. All actions you take within Empire mode will be handled within the Strategy menu, things like recruiting additional troops, handing out promotions, training, forging alliances and starting battles with enemy empires.

The sheer amount of activities you’re able to perform with Empire mode is amazing, it really does a great job in giving you full control over everything. Empire mode allows you to play whichever way you want, if you want to start attacking nearby empires from the start, you can do that but you also have the option of playing the game passively.


I personally jumped straight into fighting enemy empires! This can be done by selecting the invade option within the strategy menu. After selecting which empire you want to attack, you’re given the chance to allocate a specific amount of troops to each officer that you’re taking into battle with you.

After setting up your troops for battle, you’re greeted with the invasion menu, here you can fortify your base, set stratagems and use different items. When I started my first battle, I was blown away at the amount of enemies the game could render on screen, it’s really amazing since it’s running off a hand held! It’s great that the game can handle so many enemy character on screen at the same time but the game does indeed suffer from frame rate issues because of it.

If you’re just hacking and slashing at the enemy army, you’ll likely not notice any frame rate issues immediately but when you use certain special attacks on a huge wave of enemies, the frame rate takes a huge hit! I can’t tell you exactly how low the frame rate gets since the Vita has no way to view your frame rate but at times it looks like it dips to below 10 frames per second, which is horrible! The frame rate issues didn’t ruin my experience with the game since the frame rate only dips for 2-3 seconds, so thankfully it’s not something that’s going to hinder your experience for the entire duration of battle.

Moving past the frame rate issues, is battle any fun? Yes, it is! The battles in this game are great, the fact that you’re taking on hundreds and hundreds of enemies at once, just helps in making you feel like a bad-ass after you wipe them all out! You can achieve victory in battles by reducing the number of troops your enemy has available to them and by capturing certain key areas on each map. You’ll have to go up against the enemies officers at times, these troops are stronger than the average enemy you encounter on the battlefield, which makes for a nice challenge. Overall the battle system in Dynasty Warriors 8 is impressive, I never felt bored while invading enemy empires, it was always a fun experience.

Every few months within the game a War Council is held. You’re given several points which you can allocate to different options, I personally allocated my points to Battle every single time since that’s what I enjoy. You can also select different goals you want to achieve, for example sometimes you will be presented with something like “Build a Forge” If you accomplish that task, you will granted rewards.

While playing Empire mode you will also encounter various types of in-game events for example, while playing I was approached by a female officer in my empire, she made a marriage proposal to the character I was playing as. You’re then given the option to reject or accept the proposal, I accepted and a beautiful cut scene played out. The events system really adds to the game in a positive way, I personally really enjoyed a couple of the events I saw.


Aside from the occasional frame rate dips, I really had no other negative experience while playing Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires. The battle system is excellent and it feels great when you take down huge waves of enemies, it’s something that I still haven’t gotten bored of. Empire mode is the best thing about Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, it has a ton of depth and games the user several different ways to play and enjoy it. If you’re looking for something new to play and enjoy on your PlayStation Vita then I highly recommend you pick this game up! My final score for Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is a 8.2/10


  1. Eight hundred characters? Wow, that’s impressive. This sounds more strategic than other DW games I have played. Looks like your conquest feats attracted a beautiful bride.

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    • Yeah, I couldn’t believe that the game offers 800 playable characters, I was blown away. This is actually the first Dynasty Warriors game I’ve played in the past few years, the last one being Dynasty Warriors Gundam, it’s more strategic compared to that game for sure. I was actually trying to romance a different character, so I was surprised when I got a cut scene with her proposing lol.

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