Hey everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful December so far. I’m back with my final review for 2015! I’ll be reviewing the Yu-Gi-Oh Clash of Rebellions Special Edition Booster Set. I want to thank Konami for providing me with a Clash of Rebellions SE Box for review.


Let’s start with some basic information on the Clash of Rebellions Special Edition Booster set. Each Clash of Rebellions Special Edition you purchase includes 3 Booster packs for Clash of Rebellions and guarantees one of two Super Rare Cards Ultimaya Tzolkin or Frightfur Tiger and one of two foil preview cards from the upcoming Breakers of Shadow Booster Set that is set to release in January. Clash of Rebellions Special Edition is also priced well and picking one up will set you back just $9.99 each.

The Clash of Rebellions Special Edition Set introduces a few new Red-Eyes Monsters, which is great for Duelists who want to construct a deck focused around Red-Eyes cards, you also have a ton of fusion potential if you decide to go with a Red-Eyes deck using the new cards included in this Booster Set.

While the Red-Eyes Monsters in this set are no doubt great, I personally feel the best use of the cards included within the Clash of Rebellions Booster Set is to create a strong Igknight Deck since that’s what I found to be the most effective in the Duels I played. I’ll include an Igknight Deck Profile within this review. There’s a few other Deck types you can make using cards from this set, so it’s definitely a versatile and well-rounded Booster Set.

3x igknight squire
3x igknight crusader
3x igknight templar
3x igknight margrave
3x igknight gallant
2x igknight lancer
2x igknight champion
Trap cards:
3x Igknight burst
3x storming mirror force
1x extra buck
2x balance of judgement
3x wavering eyes
3x brilliant fusion
3x igknight phoenix

Extra Deck: 3x Gem-knight Lady Brilliant Diamond


Now let’s see which cards I was able to pull from the Clash of Rebellions Special Edition Box. I wasn’t expecting to get anything too special since the box includes 3 Booster Packs, I did end up getting some decent cards though. The 4 cards that stand out the most compared to everything else I pulled from Clash of Rebellions in terms of card rarity is as follows- (Super Rare) Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon, (Rare) D/D/D Marksman King Tell, (Rare) Escher The Frost Vassal, (Rare) Mandragon and Ultimaya Tzolkin and Engraver of The Mark. I’ll post a few pictures below with all the cards I pulled.

Konami has done a fantastic job with all the Yu-Gi-Oh releases this year. Everything has been superb! The art style used in the cards has also gotten much better in 2015, most of the cards are simply beautiful and Konami has also done a wonderful job with pricing every new release. Clash of Rebellions Special Edition offers something for almost every type of Duelist out there and its affordable price tag makes it worth a purchase. I give the Clash of Rebellions Special Edition a score of 9.0/10

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