Today is a great day for fans of the Persona series since Atlus has released a trailer showcasing new footage for Persona 5 along with an official release date for the game in Japan! The trailer is beautiful! When the first footage on Persona 5 was revealed, I wasn’t a big fan of the new art direction that Atlus decided to take with the game, but it’s grown on me, the game just looks absolutely gorgeous!

The first Persona game I played was Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita, that game in my personal opinion is perfect in every possible way, never before have I played a game with such a compelling and well thought out story! In my opinion the real highlight of Persona 4 Golden was the characters, they were all great, I felt a connection with the characters that I haven’t felt in any other game that I’ve played so far, so I’m looking forward to all the characters in Personal 5 and the social links!

Persona 5 is currently set to release on September 15th in Japan, no word yet on the North american or European release date, but I’ll update this post when new information is released.


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