NIS America has announced that the sequel to Criminal Girls: Invite Only will release in North America on September 20th and Europe on September 23rd. Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors expands on the universe and gameplay mechanics of Criminal Girls: Invite only with a brand new cast of characters, each with their own tale to tell. Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors is exclusive to the PlayStation Vita and will be fully compatible with the PlayStation TV.

CG2_Party-Favors_Logo (1)

The Limited Edition for Criminal Girls 2 has also been announced, you can preorder your copy by heading over to the NIS America store website.



  1. I am looking forward to this, as I got a platinum trophy on the last one. Shame that the announcement mentioned the game will be censored heavily once again.

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    • Agreed! I’m against censorship in video games, but time and time again games coming from Japan end up being censored. The latest example is Tokyo Mirage Sessions, which releases this month on the Wii U. I actually purchased the system recently just to play the game, but Atlus is changing up some of the in-game outfits, most of which aren’t bad. I mean seriously, one of the characters had some cleavage showing and they changed her top, which in my personal opinion is unnecessary since the game is rated T and I’ve seen more skin shown in western releases.

      People often say games get censored because of the cultural differences between Japan and the rest of the world, but it just doesn’t make any sense. If a game is rated M then they shouldn’t go overboard with censorship, sadly it’s just going to keep happening, especially with games released on Nintendo consoles, it almost makes me not want to support them.

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