During the holiday weekend at Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Providence two winners were crowned. The event lasted two days and players from every age group showed off their impressive dueling skills and will to win. Tahmid Zaman from New York decided to use his battle tested Phantom Abyss deck which propelled him into Sundays Single Elimination. After several rounds Single Elimination, it all came down to an epic confrontation with James Kim from Canada using his Monarch Deck.


In the end Tahmid Zaman was able to secure his victory in a well earned duel and became the YCS Providence Champion. Tahmid Zaman returned home with the spoils of victory which included a YCS Championship Trophy, an Ultra Rare YCS Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn Prize Card, a PlayStation 4, and an invitation and paid travel to his 2016 World Championship Qualifier (WCQ) tournament!


Next up we have Dragon Duel Championship, an event born 2003. Putnam, Connecticut’s Neff used his sealed deck then later switching to his Scrap deck in the finals. Neff made all the right moves and defeated Connor Perrotta who played a Burning Abyss deck in their duel. Neff picked up a few prizes for his victory including a Dragon Duel Championship Trophy, a 2016 Regional Game Mat, a Dragon Duel Medal, a Regional Deck Box, a Super Rare set of the YCS Darklord Prize Cards, and an invitation to the 2016 Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier tournament to be held during his WCQ.


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