Earlier today NIS America released a new batch of screenshots showing off the battle system in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, check out the details below.

Disgaea‘s Core

Storyline, Prepare, Battle and loop. The core loop of Disgaea is fairly simple, but this simple loops belies aridiculous amount of depth that has seen the series, and its fans through the years, of fun and content. Let’s take a look at the battle segment of the game.


Battles in Disgaea 5 have a familiar flow, but make use of many new systems to keep things both interesting and strategically challenging. Let’s take a look at a few of the attack options.
Position your team, choose your actions and defeat your enemies.
  • Team Attacks: Like Old Faithful, Team Attacks return in Disgaea 5 to help you turn your enemeis into mincemeat. When teammates are fighting near each other, they have a chance to team up when they perform a regular attack to mete out additional damage.
  • Alliance Attacks: Building on the idea of Team Attacks, the main characters of Disgaea 5 have access to a new attack system called Alliance Attacks which allows them to team up with a specific teammate to deal massive damage!
  • Revenge Mode: Another new addition to the battle mechanics of the Disgaea series, the Revenge Mode, allows you to power up your characters when their allies take damage or are defeated. Revenge Mode also unlocks powerful new abilities for your characters called Overloads.
  • Overloads: Each Overlord has a number of unique special skills with completely over-the-top, and awe-inspiring animations to assault your foes. These new attacks can only be used by a character who has entered Revenge Mode.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance will be releasing on October 6th in North America and October 9th in Europe. Disgaea 5 is exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

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