Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my current Tales of collection. The Tales series has some amazing games, my favorite being the first Tales of Xillia. The thing I love most about the Tales series, is hands down the character interactions within the skits. You just get to know each character in the games so well thanks to the skit system, plus it’s just entertaining watching your party members talk to each-other and tell hilarious jokes. Another aspect in which the Tales series excels in is the combat system. Each Tale game has a slightly different combat engine, but most of the time they’re great, and it’s just a ton of fun to get into battles.

In the next few months I’m going to attempt to complete Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, since it’s the only Tales game in my collection that I have yet to finish. Also, when Tales of Zestiria releases, I’ll be doing a review on it! It’ll probably take me awhile to publish it since I like finishing every game I play, before I actually review it. I also may review the PC port of Tales of Zestiria since it’ll be the first ever Tales game on the PC, so I’m curious to see the overall performance of it. I just hope the PC port runs at 60 FPS and has some additional graphical options that you can tweak, but I doubt it since I believe it’ll just be a straight port of the game. Anyway I’ll leave a few pictures of my Tales collection below, I don’t own the older Tales games on the PS2 and PS1, but in the future I do plan on adding them to my collection! You will also notice that I don’t have a physical copy of Tales of Graces F, that’s because I own a digital copy of it on the PS3.


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