Hey everyone! For the past week I’ve been testing the latest Yu-Gi-Oh Structure Deck ‘Emperor of Darkness’ Before we begin, I would like to thank Konami for providing me with the Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck for review purposes.

The Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck was released on January 29th, this structure deck is composed of 41 total cards 3 of which are Super Rares and 2 are Ultra Rare a beginners guide and 1 double-sided deluxe game mat/dueling guide with a few tips to help players. All of this retails for $9.99


I’ve been play testing the Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck extensively and I’m disappointed to say that it just isn’t good. I’ve reviewed a few starter and structure decks on my website so far and they’ve all been good, sadly Emperor of Darkness just doesn’t hold up well against any of them.

The first major drawback of the Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck is the fact that you can’t use cards from your extra deck, the deck doesn’t include any cards that can be added to the extra deck out of the box, but if you want to make your own extra deck, you’re pretty much out of luck. The reason I say that is simple, more than a few cards in this structure deck clearly state ‘Also you cannot special summon monsters from the extra deck for the rest of this turn’ this deck has a total of 11 different cards that actively prevent you from using an extra deck effectively and as most duelist know, access to your extra deck is important since most duelists use one, you’re effectively putting yourself at a major disadvantage when using Emperor of Darkness.


At first glance ‘Also you cannot special summon monsters from the extra deck for the rest of this turn’ may not sound all that bad, the thing is, this deck has multiple cards which state the same thing, so on your next turn, chances are high that you’ll use another card which states the same thing, so once again you’d block yourself from making good use of your extra deck and that’s simply too big of a disadvantage to overlook.

To make matters worse for Emperor of Darkness, it also includes several spell and trap cards which do the same exact thing and two cards completely block your ability to use the extra deck while they’re active on the field ‘Return of The Monarchs’ and ‘March of The Monarchs’ these two cards completely block the user from summoning anything from their extra decks, effectively making your extra deck completely useless in a duel. There’s only one card in this deck that blocks your opponent from using his/her extra deck and it’s ‘Domain of The True Monarchs’ sadly this card can be destroyed easily, for example it can be easily taken out by ‘mystical space typhoon’ and other similar cards, so you can’t rely on this card too much.

And there’s still one final factor that puts you at a disadvantage when in a duel against someone using an extra deck, attack power. The strongest card in this deck in regards to attack is 2800, which is fine, the problem is, most duelists have cards that are much more powerful in their extra decks compared to the one 2800 card in Emperor of Darkness, in short, you’d get overwhelmed in a duel against someone who makes good use of their extra deck.


I went into this review wanting to like the Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck, I just can’t find any redeeming factor in it, it restricts the user far too much in using something that’s become commonplace now, so it doesn’t hold up well against most decks out there today. The Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck would have been great if it was released a few years ago, but in 2016 it doesn’t stand up against most popular deck themes being used, I won’t tell you to avoid purchasing this deck, I’ll just let people make up their own mind on that. I’ll include a deck profile that slightly improves this structure deck, but as of right now, my final score for the Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck is a 5.5/10

Emperor of Darkness Deck Profile (40 Cards)

3x Erebus The Underworld Monarch
3x Ehther The Heavenly Monarch
2x Caius The Shadow Monarch
1x Mobius The Frost Monarch
3x Edea the Heavenly Squire
1x Eidos The Underworld Squire
2x Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal
1x Garum the Storm Vassal
2x Illusory Snatcher
2x Mathematician
1x Tragoedia
3x Pantheism of the Monarchs
3x Domain of the True Monarchs
1x March of the Monarchs
2x The Monarchs Stormforth
1x Tenacity of the monarchs
1x Soul Charge
2x Escalation of the Monarchs
3x The Monarchs Awaken
3x Pinpoint Guard


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