Hey everyone! I’m back again with another Yu-Gi-Oh! Review, specifically on Breakers of Shadow Special Edition box, which released on February 26th. Before we get started, I want to thank Konami for providing me with a Breakers of Shadow SE box for review purposes.


Alright let’s get into what Breakers of Shadow Special Edition has to offer. Every Breakers of Shadow SE box you purchase includes 3 booster packs  from the Breakers of Shadow card set and consists of 9 cards per pack, 1 of 2 Super Rare cards from the upcoming Shining Victories booster set, and 1 of 2 Super Rare cards- Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon or Number 23: Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworld.

Duelists can get all of that for just $9.99, which is amazing considering you get 27 total cards from every Breakers of Shadow SE box plus the two Super Rare cards. Breakers of Shadow SE is without a doubt the best way bulk up your collection of cards while also attempting to collect every card in the set.

Now let’s check out the cards I was able to pull from the included booster packs from Breakers of Shadow SE. Let’s begin with 1 of the 2 possible Super Rare cards you can get by purchasing Breakers of Shadow SE, I was able to get Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! It’s a powerful fusion type monster card, sadly as of right now there’s no good meta deck that supports it, that’ll hopefully change in the near future, nonetheless it’s still a good card to have. Next up we have Forge of The True Dracos, which is 1 of 2 Super Rare preview cards from the Shinning Victories booster set. Now for the notable cards I pulled from the 3 Breakers of Shadow booster packs- (Ultra Rare) Enlightenment Paladin, (Super Rare) Red-Eyes Retro Dragon, (Super Rare) Pendulum Storm. And finally we have the 3 Rare cards- Hi-Speedroid Hagoita, Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi and Fiendish Rhino Warrior. I’m happy with the cards I was able to pull, and for the most part they’re pretty good.


The Breakers of Shadow booster set itself, is by far my favorite set so far, it’s an amazing set for duelists who enjoy deck themes such as Performapal, Kozmo, Odd-Eyes, Majespecter and Goyo, plus the Shiranui cards. I’ve already reviewed the Breakers of Shadow booster, so I highly recommend you check out the review since my opinion on the set itself hasn’t changed, it’s still a must own for Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectors, and the fact that you get 27 cards from the card set every time you purchase a Breakers of Shadow SE box plus the 2 Super Rare cards, well it’s obvious, Breakers of Shadow Special Edition is worth every penny of its $9.99 price tag. My score for the Breakers of Shadow Special Edition box is a 9.5/10

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