Idea Factory International has revealed that Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart will release on April 18th on Steam! Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart was originally released back in 2014 in Japan and in 2015 released in NA/EU on the PlayStation Vita. Hyperdevotion Noire is a strategy RPG spinoff of the Neptunia series with beautiful chibi character models. Players that purchase the game on Steam will enjoy the game in glorious 1080P quality.




  1. Good to see that Neptunia is building up a fan base outside of the console market. Noire is one of my fave characters from the franchise and I love strategy RPGs, so I really enjoyed playing this back when it came out on the Vita.

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    • Agreed! It’s awesome that so many people look forward to the PC ports of the Neptunia games and the spin-off games that come from it. Noire is also one of my favorite characters 🙂 I played a few hours of the game back when it released on the Vita, never got around to finishing it sadly.

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