Konami is gearing up for spring with two new Yu-Gi-Oh! Product releases. The first release that fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG can look forward to is Shining Victories, which launches on May 6th. Shining Victories is the latest booster set to join the thousands of cards already available to duelists. Shining Victories will appeal to both Novice and Veteran players, so there’s something for everyone in this release.


The entire set contains 100 total cards and will introduce new deck themes like Lunalight, Digital Bug, and Amorphage Dragons. Shining Victories also marks the return of the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Also, included are several cards used to support Blue-Eyes, effectively making the card more lethal than ever before. Duelists who enjoy using Kozmo or Performapal themed decks will be excited to add Kozmo Dark Planet or Performapal Odd-Eyes Light Phoenix along with other newly added cards like Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon or Red-Eyes Toon Dragon to their arsenal.

Duelists who are interested in obtaining Shining Victories early can attend a Sneak Peek scheduled for April 31 and/or May 1 at participating Official Tournament Stores. Each Shining Victories booster pack will retail for $3.99


Next up we have a product that starter deck fans will definitely want to pick and that product is the new Yuya starter deck! This starter deck has been built from the ground up specifically to teach new up and coming duelists how to duel. The Yuya starter deck is composed of Performapal cards, which makes it simple to pick up and learn, so new duelists will be on their way to mastering the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG in no time. This deck is inspired from Yuya, which is the main protagonist in the newest incarnation of Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime and Manga.

In addition to popular cards such as Lightning In addition to popular cards such as Lightning Vortex, Book of Moon, and Pendulum Reborn, Starter Deck – Yuya also includes 10 brand-new cards like Performapal Sleight Hand Magician, in addition to three special Token cards, making it an exciting product for all Duelists to own. Each Starter Deck – Yuya consists of a 40-card ready-to-play Deck and three Token cards. You can pick up the Yuya starter deck on May 27th, the retail price is set at $9.99


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