Hey everyone! I’m back with a review on the Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Pack, which released on April 15th. Before we begin talking about the Millennium Pack, I would like to thank Konami for sending out a few Millennium Pack booster packs for review purposes.

Let’s get right into it! The Millennium Pack booster set contains 48 total cards with rarity’s consisting of 28 commons cards, 10 Rare cards, 6 Super Rare cards and 4 Ultra Rare cards. Each Millennium Pack booster pack you purchase includes 5 cards per pack and will only set you back $1.99 per pack.


The biggest selling point of the Millennium pack is the fact that it includes so many classic cards from back in the day. While the Millennium pack includes classic cards, it goes a step further, instead of just releasing reprints of cards like Flame Swordman, Thousand Dragon and Celtic Guardian, they decided to change up the artwork, which breathes new life into these cards. I only mentioned 3 of the cards that have updated art work, but within the Millennium pack you can expect to find 20 different cards with beautifully updated artwork.

If you look at the Millennium Pack card list, you’ll see some really great cards included, such as Holding Arms, Holding Legs, The True Name, Acid Trap Hole and finally the main attraction of the Millennium Pack the Winged Dragon of Ra – Immortal Phoenix, which has never been printed before. The Winged Dragon of Ra- Immortal Phoenix is a great card on its own, but if you construct a deck using The Winged Dragon of Ra, The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode and Immortal Phoenix, well you’ll be dealing massive amounts of damage to your opponent, so Immortal Phoenix is definitely a fantastic card to own.

IMG_20160412_165344 (1)

The True Name is also a must own card, its ability allows you to special summon a Divine monster straight from your deck, which makes it essential to a God card deck. If you read the entire effect of “The True Name” you’ll notice that the only way to activate it is by declaring a card name then excavating the top card of your deck, if you declare the card name correctly, you can activate it. You might be thinking that guessing the top card of your deck is hard, but it’s really not since there’s plenty of cards that allow you to place a card from your hand, deck or graveyard on top of your deck, so you’ll know exactly what card name to call when you activate “The True Name” You can use it to effortlessly summon Slifer the Sky Dragon or Obelisk the Tormentor, sadly you can’t use “The True Name” to special summon any of the RA cards since they can’t be special summoned by using “The True Name” regardless it still makes God card decks shine.

IMG_20160412_164600 (1)

Konami has done a great job with the Millennium Pack booster set, it offers fans of the TCG classic cards with brand new artwork that’s sure to catch the eyes of anyone familiar with the older Yu-Gi-Oh card sets, and offers cards that have never been printed before. For just $1.99 per pack, you get great sense of nostalgia and a powerful set of cards that is absolutely worth purchasing. My final score for the Millennium Pack is a 9.3/10

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