Hello everyone, I just wanted to post an update on my review for Tales of Xillia 2. I’ve had Tales of Xillia 2 for almost a week now and I’m currently 17 hours into the game. The 17 hours I have on record in Tales of Xillia 2 is mostly from doing side quests, like defeating elite monsters and locating cats within the game. I’m going to try and have the review up by the end of March, but it’ll most likely be out in early April.

I’m enjoying Tales of Xillia 2 a lot, I feel like they added just enough to keep the game feeling fresh, though it still does feel a lot like the first Xillia, but honestly that’s not a bad thing. They’ve added a few tweaks to the combat engine, and I’ve been having a blast battling monsters, I again find myself grinding just for the sake of using the battle system. Two things I don’t enjoy about the game though, they removed the Lilium orb, and replaced it with the Allium orb, and I honestly don’t like it one bit, though I will go more in-depth about that in my review. Another thing I found myself not enjoying is the games debt system, yes even in a video game you have to pay back your debts. The debt menu pops up whenever it feels like it, after you gather a certain amount of Gald, Nova will pop up and ask you to pay a certain amount of money, right now 17 hours into the game, I have to pay 10,000 Gald, and if I don’t, she will charge me extra next time.

With all of that said, I’m still enjoying the game and I will hopefully have my review out soon!


  1. Your blog is absolutely amazing. I’ve never tried any tales games though now after reading this comes, detailed review on them I will certainly try them out thank you!


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